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Meet Andrea

As a lawyer and fellow passionate entrepreneur, I know first-hand how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into building a brand that is both meaningful and uniquely yours, but I also know the importance of protecting it.

That’s why I left bigwig law and founded a full-service law firm specially designed to provide affordable legal services for small business owners like you.

Outside of law and entrepreneurship, I am a Mom of two to Thomas and Allie. Mom-duty in full effect from school  – to sports – to day trips to museums and kid events!

I also love to play poker and bowl. 

Back to legal.


What Is A Trademark Registration Anyway?

A federal trademark registration protects all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into building your brand. Whether you’re creating a new brand, have an empire, or want to rebrand, it’s time to protect your hard work.

Why do I need this?

Trademarks are important for protecting your:

      • Brand Name
      • Logo
      • Slogan
      • Colors
      • Packaging
      • Course Name
      • Podcast Name
      • Sounds
      • Hashtags
      • Legal Name (for Personal Brands)
      • And more!
Trademarks have tons of power, especially online – including the ability to remove infringements on websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

Cover your assets with a trademark.

Get more detailed information about the trademark process and what can be protected with a trademark with our FREE Trademark Information Ebook.

    How Can Andrea Sager Law Help?

    Because the application process takes at least 14 months as of May 2024 to complete (we know, we know…FOREVER!),  it’s important to get started ASAP.  Fun fact: Andrea Sager Law PLLC averages 144 days faster than the global trademark application duration average. 

    Here’s how we do it:


    Conduct a Search.

    This happens before we file the application to make sure that you have the best chance possible at getting approved.

    We will NOT file an application if we know it will not get approved, saving you tons of time and money! Quite frankly this is why I am ranked #12.

    PRO TIP! We’ll want to file your trademark in all classes, or categories, in which you sell goods or provide services. For example, Delta the airline and Delta the bathroom faucet are two different types of goods or services. We can work together to file for all the goods you sell and services you offer to make sure you’re protected on all fronts.


    File your Application.

    This is when the minimum 14 month clock starts ticking. The average timeline for our applications is 14-17 months, which includes the following:


    The examination

    This is a full review of your application by an examining attorney


    The office Action*

    Don’t worry we know how to handle them best. Not everyone will receive a refusal.


    The Publication

    Now you’re approved for publication! But you’re not registered just yet. This is a 30 day period that gives others a chance to oppose your mark for application.



    You did it! You can breathe now, but you do have to remember to maintain your mark to prevent infringers and keep up with registration renewals.


    Monitor your Trademark.

    Monitoring for other USPTO filed trademarks is NOT included with the Trademark Search + Trademark Application. We know how important it is to continue to enforce your hard work, so we offer customizable Trademark Monitoring Packages based on the level of protection you desire! 

    As you begin the trademark process with Andrea Sager Law PLLC, we will share more about monitoring options for your mark before registration and after your mark is officially registered. We know exactly what you need and when you will need it when it comes to legal and your intellectual property!

    Ok, Ok, How Much?

    Like all of our services, our prices are designed to help small business owners like you without breaking the bank.

    Trademark Search + Application

    This includes:
    Trademark Search
    Trademark Application
    The Examination
    The Office Action
    The Publication
    To Registration



    Trademark Search + Application

    This includes:
    Trademark Search
    Trademark Application
    The Examination
    The Office Action
    The Publication
    To Registration

    3-monthly payments of


    Trademark Search Only

    This includes the first step of the trademark process only, the Search!


    Need additional support getting started?

    Schedule a 1:1 Consult with Andrea

    Still have questions? Get them answered before starting the trademark process.

    If you decide to move forward with the trademark process, Andrea will apply the $99 to your Trademark Search + Application!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    All new applicants must go through our search process. Trademark infringement doesn’t just occur when two names are the same. It occurs when two names are similar enough to cause “likelihood of confusion.” Our search will look for similar names that you do not know how to search for.
    The trademark office issues registrations based on different goods and services. In order to be protected with everything your brand offers, you will want to file in every class you’re eligible for. After the search is conducted, we will notify you of how many classes you are eligible for. At that time, you will be able to let us know how many of those classes you would like to file.

    The government fees are what the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) charges to file an application. The fee for one class is included in your application fee. The fee for additional classes is $450.

    You can pay upfront or in 3 monthly installments.

    The search will provide the level of risk we will face during the application process. If the search reveals that your application will be high-risk, the team will provide you with a complimentary second search to help you find something that can be protected with a trademark.

    Simply send an email to andrea@andreasager.com to let us know you’d like to get started with the trademark process, and we will send you everything you need to get started!
    Preparing a trademark application takes time. It can take as many as 3 weeks to file your application. However, Andrea does strive to get all applications filed within 1 week after the search is completed.
    The search time will vary according to workload. However, 99% of searches take less than 1 week.

    There are no guarantees your application will be approved. The search provides the level of risk we will be facing, but even low risk applications see denials. It can take anywhere from 14-17 months for your application to be approved. Andrea Sager Law PLLC’s average trademark application duration is 144 days faster than the global average.

    It is a denial by the USPTO that can easily be resolved. Often, the USPTO’s examining attorney just needs some additional information. The response to these refusals are included in your application fee.
    It is a denial by the USPTO that requires a lengthy comprehensive response. If you receive a substantive Office Action, Andrea will provide you with a number of options available to you in order to overcome the OA. The response will require an extra fee.
    No. The trademark office does not issue refunds for unsuccessful applications, and neither does Andrea. Andrea will do everything possible to help you have a successful application, but we cannot guarantee success.
    An opposition occurs when another mark believes registration of your mark will damage their mark. The cost of these proceedings will vary.

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