Trademark Search + Application



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Purchase this option to pay in full for the Trademark Search and Application.

1.  The Trademark Search
2.  We provide you with a low, moderate, or high risk for your results.
If the results come back high risk, we will do a second search at no additional cost in order to help you find a suitable name that can be protected.
3.  We will file the application.
How long will it take? The search normally doesn’t take more than a week. Once the application is filed, it will take at least 6-7 months to be registered. The application process will be longer if we receive any office actions. 
Other fees that may be involved in the process that will be invoiced IF they come about: 
The following additional fees may be incurred depending on your individual application. Please contact us with any questions regarding these fees.
A) Additional Classes – $400 per class
B) TEAS Regular form – $100 per class
C) Statement of Use for filing an “intent-to-use” application – $300 per class
D) Extension to file a “Statement of Use” – $325 per class
E) Likelihood of Confusion Refusal Response (or other substantive refusal response) – $1200 (can be split in 2 payments)


*Once you purchase, you will receive an engagement letter and an intake form from our team in your email.