Legalpreneur BONUS: Trademark Application



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Legalpreneur Bonus: Trademark Application.

Note: you must complete a Trademark Search prior to filing a Trademark Application.

Let’s file your Trademark Application.
How long will it take? The search normally doesn’t take more than a week. Once the application is filed, it will take at least 6-7 months to be registered. The application process will be longer if we receive any office actions. 
How much does it cost?

Trademark Application is $1150 *Legalpreneur discount 50%
The TM Filing Fee is $250 *We cannot offer discount for filing fees legally
Legalpreneur member total for TM Applications is $825.

Other fees that may be involved in the process that will be invoiced IF they come about:
The following additional fees may be incurred depending on your individual application. Please contact us with any questions regarding these fees.
A) Additional Classes – $400 per class
B) TEAS Regular form – $100 per class
C) Statement of Use for filing an “intent-to-use” application – $300 per class
D) Extension to file a “Statement of Use” – $325 per class
E) Likelihood of Confusion Refusal Response (or other substantive refusal response) – $1200 (can be split in 2 payments)

*Once you purchase, you will receive an engagement letter and an intake form from our team in your email.