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Copyright Application

A copyright is a literary, artistic, educational, or musical work that provides the owner exclusive rights to reproduce the work and monetize it. A registration protects the content YOU have created – think photos, videos, blog posts, books, website content, designs, etc. With a copyright, you’re protecting not only your unique creations – you’re also protecting the hard work and long hours you spent creating them.

Why Do I need this?

While your work is automatically protected once it’s been created (as long as it’s in solid form and an original work), you’ll still want a copyright registration for a few reasons:

  • You Can’t Sue Without One
    If you’re ever in a situation where you need to sue an infringer for stealing your work, you won’t be able to do so without a copyright registration.
  • Infringers Will Take You More Seriously
    Infringers will think twice before stealing your work if you already have a copyright registration.
  • It Makes You Eligible For Statutory Damages
    If you have the registration before someone infringes your work, you’ll be eligible for statutory damages (this is a good thing). This is a fee determined by the judge or jury to be owed to the copyright owner (that’s you) in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Not only that, but the infringer typically has to pay your attorney fees. Statutory damages are a BIG bargaining chip in copyright infringement matters.
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