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As your personal small business attorney, we’re here to provide you all the same benefits of working with a large, full-service law firm, but without the same cost.

Trademark Services

Why Do I Need This? Remember all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into building your brand? Whether you’re creating a new brand, have an empire, or want to rebrand, it’s time to protect your hard work.

How Can You Help? We’re ready to file new applications for you, respond to an office action or opposition, and handle any infringement issues that may come up.


Why Do I Need This? Have you ever spent days, weeks or even months working on unique creations that end up getting stolen and credited by someone else? If this hasn’t happened to you, it probably will, but together we can stop it before it starts.

How Can You Help? We’re here to advocate for you and your work by protecting and enforcing your creations, whether it’s photos, videos, designs, and much more.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Filings

Why Do I Need This? LLCs are extremely important for separating yourself from your business. An LLC ensures you are not personally responsible for any potential debts of your business. Sounds good, right?

How Can You Help? Let’s make your business official and file for an LLC! It’s easy, painless, and will save you future headaches down the road.

The Legalpreneur Plan

Why Do I Need This? If you’re looking for a variety of affordable services for your small business legal needs, PLUS all-access to attorneys who happen to know the ins and outs of business, The Legalpreneur Plans are for you!

How Can You Help? We’ve created monthly and yearly subscription plans that are unique to your small business needs along with exclusive access to offerings just for members. Think of it as having an attorney on retainer. Pretty awesome, right?