Limited Liability Company (LLC) Filing

What Is A Limited Liability Company Anyway?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of business entity formed to offer liability protection for entrepreneurs.

An LLC protects you from the debts of your company, separating you as an individual from your business. 

Why should I file an LLC?

LLCs are extremely important for separating yourself from your business. An LLC ensures you are not personally responsible for any potential debts of your business. Sounds good, right? Consider filing an LLC:

  • To Protect Your Personal Assets
    When setting up your business as an LLC, this limits your personal liability for the business’ debts protecting your home, your car, your savings, your mutual fund, etc.
  • To Operate your Business with Flexibility
    LLC’s offer flexibility in the operation of your business from profit and loss distribution to creating an operating agreement to suit your specific industry.
  • To Setup Your Business with Ease 
    Filing fees are moderate from state to state.  Filing an LLC application is relatively simple compared to the formation of other business entities.  

We’re here to provide affordable legal services when it comes to setting up your business.  Let’s make your business official and file for an LLC! It’s easy, painless, and will save you future headaches down the road.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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Each state has filing fees associated with filing your LLC. These typically range from $50-$500 per LLC.

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Some people believe it is beneficial to file in certain states, however, for small business owners it is best to file in the state where you live.  

Once you purchase, it typically does not take longer than a week to get your LLC approved and get your EIN.

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