What Is A Copyright Anyway?

A copyright is a literary, artistic, educational, or musical work that provides the owner exclusive rights to
reproduce the work and monetize it. A registration protects the content YOU have created – think photos, videos, blog posts, books, website content, designs, etc. With a copyright, you’re protecting not only your unique creations – you’re also protecting the hard work and long hours you spent creating them.

Why Do I need this?

While your work is automatically protected once it’s been created (as long as it’s in solid form and an original work), you’ll still want a copyright registration for a few reasons:

  • You Can’t Sue Without One
    If you’re ever in a situation where you need to sue an infringer for stealing your work, you won’t be able to do so without a copyright registration.

  • Infringers Will Take You More Seriously
    Infringers will think twice before stealing your work if you already have a copyright registration.

  • It Makes You Eligible For Statutory Damages
    If you have the registration before someone infringes your work, you’ll be eligible for statutory damages (this is a good thing). This is a fee determined by the judge or jury to be owed to the copyright owner (that’s you) in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Not only that, but the infringer typically has to pay your attorney fees. Statutory damages are a BIG bargaining chip in copyright infringement matters.

We’re here to help you take the infringement process completely out of your hands with one of our Copyright Subscription Packages below. It’s easy to set up and affordable for small business owners like you!

Choose the plan
that’s right for you!




Unlimited DMCA Takedowns

3 Copyright Applications (plus filing fee)

3 Cease and Desist Letters

Monthly Report of Takedowns

15% Off Additional Services





Unlimited DMCA Takedowns

Unlimited Copyright Applications (plus filing fee)

Unlimited Cease and Desist Letters

Monthly Report of Takedowns

20% Off Additional Services



No worries! Your works do not have to be registered in order to be enforced! You’re covered by copyright protection from the moment you publish your work!

The filing fees are for all copyright applications. These typically range from $45-$55 per application.

There is no commitment for the subscription services. You can start and stop your subscription at any time. If you choose to discontinue the subscription, we require a 30-day notification in an email.
If you are unsure whether you have works eligible for copyright protection, you can shoot an email to Andrea to discuss your options for enforcement!
Simply send an email to [email protected] and let us know what package you would like to get started with.
Yes, you can change plans at any time to reflect your business’s needs.
Your card will automatically be charged every month on the same day you signed up.
Additional services include everything not covered in your package. This can include trademark services, additional cease and desist letters, or customized contracts. As a subscription member, you will receive a discount on the additional services.
We do our best to obtain settlement payments from infringers when we send cease and desist letters. However, we do not guarantee any payment. The chances of receiving a settlement payment are much higher when you already have a copyright registration.

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